Updated on February 20, 2018

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Adam Patterson
Senior Partner

Adam Patterson was born and raised in West Palm Beach. After studying Advanced Economics at Florida State University, Adam finished his education at Florida Atlantic University Honors studying entrepreneurial business.



Dear Adam,
I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how appreciative I am of your services. Trying to figure out what supplemental plan and prescription plan is best for my situation was quite an arduous task. Your expertise in this area made the process simple. I truly appreciate your help and I would recommend you highly. I got your number from my sister and I am so happy that she recommended you. Thanks

Gayle Kelly

About 2 years ago my husband suddenly passed away. Although I was heartbroken and in shock, it didn't take long for reality to set in and I realized all of the things my husband had done and I had no idea of how to do them. I was instantly thrown into the confusing and not always honest world of medical and prescription insurance.

Adam was recommended to me and pretty much ended up handling all of the insurance problems that my husband had done. I have changed insurance companies at least 4 times, and without Adam's help I could have never done it.

Other agents had sold me policies that I didn't need, and some didn't sell me policies that I did need, it was an ongoing nightmare. I am amazed at the knowledge and patience that Adam had with me, the insurance companies and even called my doctor when necessary. He pretty much gave me the education that I should have had, and probably most people don't. Every time I emailed or called him, he immediately responded to the point I felt like I was apologizing for as many times as I bothered him.

Yet his patience was unwaivering. He was able to get through to companies that I was unable to and even helped me file a complaint about a company that after accepting me, changed what drugs were covered even though Adam provided them with a list of my drugs prior to them accepting me. I could go on and on and it would never do justice to the amazing help, knowledge and patience that Adam has. I am so grateful to the friends who recommended him, he really has gone above and beyond what his job is, he really cares and takes the time with every individual that they need. I believe that from the smallest problem to the largest, Adam is able to navigate them with ease, and doesn't give up until they are resolved. Getting the right insurance is not easy, but if you are fortunate to have someone honest to help you, it makes the process a lot less aggravating . You can trust Adam to handle all of the problems that either you don't want to handle or just don't know how to and in the end you will have everything you need.

Judy Lipschutz

Dear Adam,
You are an amazing person. I have called you and sent many emails. You remained patient and caring. In fact, the advice you gave me did not actually benefit you. You truly placed my best interest first.

This would be a remarkable world if there would be more Adam Pattersons.