Updated on January 24, 2020

Washington, Medicare and Medicare Supplements

Yakima County, Snohomish County, Walla Walla County and Kilickitat County may be a bit hard to pronounce to the new comer in Washington State. Also known as "The Evergreen State" Washington has 39 counties that it’s residents can reside in, 4 of the more interesting sounding ones we listed above. Although the scenery is beautiful and many retire there for that reason alone, one must pay attention to certain things other than scenery when retiring and Medicare is one of them.

Medicare can be tricky enough to wrap ones mind around, adding insurance companies to the equation with all the literature they print and mail out adds to the confusion, making many in Washington frustrated about all the options available to them. With the 25th biggest population, many people will be approaching retirement in Washington State now and for the next 17 years.

Before you understand the insurances that work with Medicare, understand Medicare is comprised of 4 main parts in 2012.

Medicare is comprised of 4 main parts in 2012.

  • Part A. This covers hospitals.
  • Part B. This covers doctors.
  • Part C. Private Plans called Medicare Advantage Plans, that replace your original Medicare for a private contract.
  • Part D. Rx Coverage.

There are only two ways to go with ones Medicare if they are on their own with the insurance, IE no employee coverage, or the employee coverage is ending, no VA benefits.

The first and foremost way that about 75% of Americans go today with their insurance is buying a Medicare Supplement AKA Medigap Insurance Plan. With this particular insurance, you have Part A and Part B as your primary insurance of 80% coverage. The Medicare Supplement comes in and helps pay the 20%. No matter which doctor you see or hospital you go to, because Medicare is your primary insurer, the doctor and the hospital bill Medicare first, then Medicare bills the insurance company that holds your Medicare Supplement.

Currently Medicare Supplement Plan F is the only plan that pays 100% of the 20% left behind. The most affordable providers of plan F in many zip codes in Washington State are as of today, companies like United of Omaha, Assured Life Association, Sentinel Security and Forethought Insurance Company.

There are around 30 Rx plans to choose from in the great state of Washington and many insurance companies who offer Medicare Supplements. Calling an expert at Medicare Supplements Made Easy can make shopping all the Medigap insurance plans as simple as calling the toll free number, 1 800 218 7935. Each and every year we make sure your Medicare Supplement Plan premiums stay as low as possible as well as shop the Rx plans for you year in and year out FOR FREE. So do not hesitate. Medicare and the insurance that works with it does not have to be confusing or frustrating. Call us today at 1 800 218 7935.

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