Updated on January 25, 2020

Top Medicare Supplement Providers in Georgia and Virginia

Medicare is big business these days and it is getting even bigger as the 80 million baby boomers turn 65 over the next 17 years. Many plans are available to choose from (A-N), not to mention the mirage of Medicare Advantage Plans offered. Yes, there is much to consider before signing you name to any dotted line to any Medicare Health Plan be it Medigap or Medicare Advantage. Here are a few things to consider in the states of Georgia and Virginia when purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans aka Medigap Insurance.

Medicare is your primary insurer when you have a Medicare Supplement. The Medicare Supplement is simply the plan that covers the deductibles and the Co-insurance left behind for the consumer to pay, if he or she does not have a Medicare Supplement. Plan F and G are the most popular of all the plans offered for a few reasons.

Lets start with Plan F

Plan F covers 100% of all expenses left behind by Medicare A and B, which if you have not learned it from somewhere else already is your hospital (Part A) and your doctors (Part B).

Plan G

Plan G is identical, for the exception that is does not pay the once time a year Part B deductible which in 2012 is $140.00.

So why would one choose plan G over plan F? Well in some states and in some counties especially in Virginia and Georgia Plan G even after the consumer pays the $140.00 is still more affordable annually compared to Plan F.

That is not always the case so be sure to call your Medicare Supplements Made Easy representative at 800 218 7935 to get the exact pricing on both Plan F and G so you are not spending any more than you have to.

We only use the top Rated Insurance companies to back your Medicare expenses; companies such as Mutual of Omaha aka United of Omaha and United World, Forethought, Assured Life aka Woodsmen of the World, Gerber Life Insurance Company, United American and United Health Care just to name a few. By using the highest rated providers, we can insure that your premiums over time stay as level as possible and do not create a price shock within your retirement budget.

Remember, Medicare is the one that bills the insurance company, so your doctors, specialist and hospitals do not care who holds your Medicare Supplement, which is a great reason to be picky when it comes to price. When you have a standardized product you can afford to shop around.

Remember NO Medicare Supplement covers Rx, but, for every Medicare Supplement Client we have we will shop year after year, FOR FREE, your Rx plan. With this high level of service you can insure a smooth process every step of the way with Medicare Supplements Made Easy.

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