Updated on February 20, 2018

Tennessee and the difference between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans

Most people do not konw that there are 95 counties in "The Volunteer Stat" also known to most as Tennessee. Nashville the capital is located in Davidson County has earned its nickname "The Music City" as well as "Athens of the South". Along with musical entertainment the city also boasts dining and sporting events.

Although many reside in the city of Nashville there are many others that reside in the other 94 counties. From Shelby County to Johnson County and from Polk County to Lake County any person who is retiring and going onto Medicare or is fully disabled and on Medicare knows first hand how frustrating it can be to navigate the insurance end of Medicare. There seem to be endless amounts of companies with endless amounts of plans that are available.

Most do not realize that there are only 2 different kinds of insurance one can acquire in regards to the hospital and doctor coverage with Medicare.

You can either buy a

  1. Medicare Supplement. This kind of insurance works with your traditional Medicare. This means when you go to see the doctor or to the hospital Medicare will pay the first 80% of the expenses and a Medicare Supplement such as Plan F, will pay the remaining 20%, leaving behind only the premium to the insurance company that holds the Medicare Supplement. Also you should understand that because Medicare is your primary insurance and the Medicare Supplement is the secondary, it does not matter which company holds your Medigap Plan F because Medicare is the institution that files the claims, the doctors and hospitals file only to Medicare if you have a Supplement, once Medicare pays its portion then Medicare will file the remaining portion of the claim to the insurance company you pay each month.

    ** Remember the Medicare Supplements DO NOT INCLUDE Rx coverage so you should have an expert like the ones at Medicare Supplements Made Easy help shop the Medicare Supplements and the Rx plans for you so you know you have the best for the least amount of money.

  2. Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans ARE NOT Medicare Supplements, they replace your original Medicare with a privately designed contract of co pays. Simply put the insurance company is responsible for all your hospital and doctor bills, you are responsible for the co payment obligation in your contract.

    ** For Example a Doctor Visit under most of these kinds of plans ranges from 0-$10. A specialist will cost on average $25-$40 per visit. The Medicare Advantage Plans cost less than Medicare Supplements in most cases, sometimes there is no premium at all, but understand in some plans you can pay up to $10,000 a year in co payments. Medicare Advantage Plans for the most will come with Rx protection UNLIKE Medicare Supplements, so you will save on a Rx Plan premium.

No matter which side of the road you choose to be on when it comes to your coverage, make sure you talk to a Medicare Expert like the ones at Medicare Supplements Made Easy. You can call us any time at 1 800 218 7935 to get all you questions and concerns handled. We can shop hundreds of companies for you and show you year in and year out which companies will save you the most amount of money. Don’t wait. Call today.

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