Updated on January 25, 2020

Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud in Florida

The word "Medicare" has several good connotations, such as cheap, comprehensive, privilege. However, the word "Medicare" also has several bad connotations, fraud being one at the forefront. Although the sunshine state has many assets, such as the amazing weather and sandy beaches, Florida unfortunately leads the way in a Medicare fraud case which opened at the end of April 2012. The fraud case is nationwide and based around a series of Medicare fraud schemes totaling nearly $452 million dollars in false billings. According to authorities, the suspects residing in South Florida are allegedly responsible for over $137 million of that total.

The city of Miami houses so many healthcare fraud cases that they are no longer startling in frequency or magnitude. In fact, Miami was the first "Strike Force" city in the county in 2007. In Florida alone, authorities said they took 57 people into custody with two more expected to be arrested.

Why South Florida? Well, the reasons are pretty obvious. Firstly, Florida houses the large majority of the "Baby Boomer" generation as well as "The Silent Generation". Simply put, Florida has the most senior citizen residents, or Medicare beneficiaries, of any other state. Furthermore, health care expenses and insurance premiums are much higher in Florida as compared to other states. Sadly, if your Medicare number lands in the hands of a mal-intentioned person, fraud could be a call or click away.

For this reason alone, it's important that your private information remains private. Here at Medicare Supplements Made Easy, we have licensed, professional agents with the state of Florida ready and willing to help you find the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan at no extra cost to you! Our agents follow the guidelines written by HIPPA and keep every valued clients' information private and protected.

Your security and safety are of the upmost importance to us here at Medicare Supplements Made Easy, most especially in the sunshine state. If you or someone you know is turning 65 or retiring at an older age, call our toll-free number at 800-218-7935 to speak with a LIVE, LICENSED agent who specializes in Medicare to answer all of your questions. We pride ourselves on protection, service, and offering the best plans at the very best price. In South Florida, companies that we offer include but are not limited to United American, United Health Care, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.

Do not hesitate to call us today for free information and service from a member of our licensed staff!

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