Updated on January 24, 2020

Ohio, Medicare and the options consumers have in 2012 for their Insurance

Did you know that the state of Ohio has 88 counties and 5 districts which include the Toledo District, Cleveland District, Canton District, Cincinnati District and the Columbus District?

Did you also know that many who choose to retire in this great state have many options when it comes to Medicare and the insurances that work with it? Many each year choose the wrong plan or a plan that is over priced because they were not properly informed from the beginning.

As in most states there are two different styles if you will of insurance that will work if you are a Medicare beneficiary.

First and foremost as in the name of this web site, “Medicare Supplements Made Easy” there are Medicare Supplements aka Medigap plans that will keep Medicare as your primary insurer and the “Supplement” fills in the gaps that original Medicare would leave you the consumer to pay. Currently Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive of all the Medicare Supplement plans and it will pay 100% of all hospital and doctor bills approved by Medicare, leaving only the premium for the consumer to pay. Medigap Plan G is also popular and sometimes more advantageous than plan F in some counties and zip codes in Ohio because Plan G is the same as plan F besides the fact it has the consumer pay the Part B doctor deductible which this year is $140. In some cases a person will save money even if they pay the Part B deductible because the difference in premium from F to G might be more than $140.

There are those of course in Ohio, who cannot afford a Medicare Supplement or might not be eligible for one because they are under 65. For these consumers there are Medicare Advantage Plans aka Medicare Health Plans. These are your network related HMO’s and PPO’s of Medicare. Traditionally an HMO will require you to get referrals and a PPO will not. Many companies are offering PPO’s around $50 a month and they include Rx protection most of the time which adds to the savings from a Medicare Supplement.

No matter what your preference is, call Medicare Supplements Made Easy today to get fully educated about all the plans in your county so you can make an informed and educated decision.

Call a Medicare Expert today at 1 800 218 7935.

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