Updated on January 24, 2020

Medicare Supplements VS Medicare Advantage in Washington State

Did you know that Washington state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined? Did you also know that Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union? These are some fun facts about "The Evergreen State" that maybe you did not know before you read this article. However, we are in the business of teaching and explaining the difference between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans and in the state of Washington, many can get confused when all the information is laid out in front of them. This excerpt will attempt to explain in a simple fashion the difference between the two types of insurance a Medicare beneficiary can obtain.

No matter if you live in Grant, Franklin, Adams, Lincoln or any of the other 39 counties in Washington, or in any county of the United States for that matter, Medicare will allow visits to any doctor and any hospital that accepts Medicare and currently 99.9% of them do.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

A Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy will also allow visits without referral to any doctor that accepts Medicare as well as visits to any hospital. Plans such as Medigap Plan F also known as Medicare Supplement Plan F will pay all the expenses (the 20% left behind in the doctors and hospitals) leaving only an insurance premium for the consumer which is "you" to pay. In this scenario Medicare is your PRIMARY insurer and pays 80% of the claims and then bills "your" insurance company. Plans such as Plan F will pay any deductible that come along with the hospital and doctor benefit allotted to you by Medicare and all of the 20%, which makes is the most comprehensive of all the Medicare Supplement Plans available for purchase today. None of the Medicare Supplements come with Rx protection. Part D Rx plans are reserved for Rx protection for those who have bought Medicare Supplements.

Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a "Private Contract" between you and insurance company. In this scenario the insurance company is your primary and only insurer. This style of insurance is usually broken down into two different types HMO(Referrals required) and PPO (no referral required). With this kind of plan you can expect to pay much less in premium and in some states no premium at all, but you will be subjected to a network of doctors and hospitals and a series of co pays and co insurances based on how you use your plan. Technically, under this kind of insurance, the company is responsible for all of your bills when it comes to the hospital and doctor. You are responsible for the co pays and co insurances in your contract, which in some plans if you go out of network, can have you pay as much as 10,000 a year!

No matter which side of the road you choose to be on with your Medicare please do your self a big favor and call a licensed Medicare expert like those at Medicare Supplements Made Easy @ 1800 218 7935. They are always available to speak with and can guide and assist you to the plan and company that will fit "your" needs the best. We are completely free to use and as always are here to save you money.

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