Updated on January 24, 2020

Medicare in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most gorgeous states in North America. From the mountains to the trees, it’s a big breath of fresh air and nature heaven. If you are lucky enough to retire in Colorado, you came to the right place. Joining Medicare is one of the first steps in the retirement process and just about the most important step due to the ever-rising cost of healthcare. Medicare is unlike any form of healthcare you’re used to and it provides the very best coverage available in this country! Here at Medicare Supplements Made Easy, we are dedicated to making your transition into Medicare as easy and seamless as possible. We believe that with the right information, your decision should be easy and we’re here to aid you with the application and any service you need following your inauguration.

Medicare is a federal program for health insurance to eligible beneficiaries age 65 and older. It is based on an 80/20 ratio with Medicare Parts A and B covering 80% of all doctor and hospital bills. The remaining 20% you can choose to cover with either a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplementary Insurance. In Colorado, and in all other states, Part A covers 80% of your hospital bills, skilled nursing care, and home health care at no monthly premium. Part A begins automatically at age 65. Part B, or your physician and surgeon fee coverage, is automatic if you already draw social security benefits. If you do not draw benefits yet, Part B must be applied for through Social Security over the phone or on their website at ssa.gov. Part B has a monthly premium and the base for 2012 is $99.90 a month. Like Part A, Part B will cover 80% of your physician and surgeon fees. Now let’s talk about how we can cover the remaining 20% of our healthcare expenses!

As mentioned earlier, you have the choice between Part C, or Medicare Advantage, or taking out a Medicare Supplement. The highest recommended choice is taking a Medicare Supplement policy, which has been an option since 1965, the year Medicare was born. Medicare Supplement policies are lettered A-N with all different cost and coverage points. The most comprehensive Medicare Supplement is Plan F and Plan F will cover the full remaining 20% on all of your doctor and hospital expenses nationwide. There are several companies that offer Plan F in Colorado, but because the coverage is standardized by the state, the only difference between companies is price and company rating. Call a knowledgeable, friendly agent now at 1-800-218-7935 for FREE assistance in finding the plan that fits your needs and budget best in Colorado!

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