Updated on January 24, 2020

The effect health Care Reform will have on Medicare and Medicare Supplement in Nebraska

All over the country, including Nebraska, people have heard about the Health Care bill being ruled as Constitutional. This has many people concerned about the future of their current insurance. Many are also worried about how their up coming Medicare and their Medicare Supplements will be affected.

There are a few things to understand about Medicare and the insurances that work with it before any rash opinions are generated which could cause some confusion.

Medicare is already a "Nation wide health care system."

First and foremost Medicare is already a "Nation wide health care system." It has been that way since its creation in 1966. Currently 99.9% of doctors, specialists, surgeons and hospitals accept Medicare. This is important because this means unless a doctor’s roster of patients is full you can not be turned down nor do you need a referral to see who you want when you want.

Second, Medicare is already "uncapped" in life time benefit. This means you cannot be denied services down the road because “ you have used your Medicare too much in terms of the monetary benefit that Medicare has paid for your medical care.

Third. Medicare Supplements, such as Plan F, Plan G and Plan N are guaranteed renewable for life, which means that once you have the plan and as long as your premiums are paid up from month to month, that plan cannot be canceled by anyone other than yourself and it can never be taken away( as long as you are current on the premium ). This is very similar to the protection offered by the FDIC which financially secures bank accounts for up to $250,000.

Currently in Nebraska

Simply put, Medicare and Medicare Supplements are some of the most secure as well as the most broad in coverage compared to almost any other health insurance in the United States.

Currently in Nebraska, it is companies like Mutual of Omaha that offer some of the best rates on Medicare Supplement Plans, such as Plan F and Plan G. Both of these plans are some of the most popular in the entire country. The offer the most comprehensive protection out of all plans offered. Remember, the only difference between the different insurance companies that offer Plans F and Plan G is the price. This is why we recommend letting our Experts show you which company will treat your wallet the best now and in future.

Highly rated companies such as Mutual of Omaha in Nebraska hold some of the most competitive pricing.

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