Updated on January 25, 2020

Is Your Medicare Supplement aka Medigap Plan Premium Increasing Florida Residents?

All through out Florida "The Sunshine State", many Medicare Supplement policy holders are experiencing rate increases as high as 20% on their current Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. Most people reading this article might be on a fixed income and a 20% increase on any bill is sure to be felt hard in the pockets of most retired seniors. There are a few things that can be done in good measure to make sure that your plan stays in place for a lessor price than what the increase is to be set at.

One of the most important facts about owning a Medigap aka Medicare Supplement Policy is that you can switch from company to company as long as the switch is to another Medicare Supplement, ANY TIME of the year. This means you could stand to save a nice sizable amount of money that just might make living on a budget a bit easier.

Another important fact to understand is that a Medicare Supplement, whether is is Plan F, Plan G, Plan N etc…, is designed by Medicare, not the insurance companies. This means that the responsibility of the Insurance Company is to set the price of the Insurance. This means that Plan F with United Health Care is the same Plan F as Gerber Life Insurance Company and the same as Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The only difference between the companies, if you have not already figured it out is the price and the service that each company gives. When you use Medicare Supplements Made Easy to buy your Medicare Supplement we deal with any and all issues if they arise with your Medicare Supplement, that way you get personalized service by the same person every single time. More importantly this means you will never have to call a random person at some random location in the United States, you just call your personal Medicare Supplements Made Easy Representative and that's it!

So what is a person to do if their Medicare Supplement Price is increasing?

Here are some helpful tips.

  • Shop around - Visit our quote engine as well as call 800 218 7935 (all company prices are not presented online) to see who is the most affordable provider TODAY for your Medicare Supplement that you are trying to save money on. OUR QUOTE ENGINE IS FREE TO USE 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK.
  • Currently the three most affordable providers in Florida are United Health Care, Gerber Life Insurance Company, United American Insurance Co. and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.
    • Currently United Health Care is one of the most affordable providers in the State of Florida and there are only two health questions on the application and NO Rx are required to be disclosed.
    • This makes is very simple for those with health issues to switch Medicare Supplement companies without sacrificing coverage and all the while paying less money.
  • Call us @ 800 218 7935 if you have any questions or concerns that you cannot find the answer to. Our Medicare Experts are of the highest caliber and are standing by waiting to handle you issues.
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