Updated on January 25, 2020

Indiana & Medigap Plans aka Medicare Supplement Insurance

Did you know that the first baseball game was played in Fort Wayne Indiana on May 4, 1971? Did you know as well that Santa Claus, Indiana receives over one half million letters and requests near and around Christmas time each year? Most people are unaware as well, that Historic Park County has 32 covered bridges making it the “Covered Bridge Capital of the World” These are just some of the interesting and fun facts about The Hoosier State. The subject of Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans might not be so fun and interesting to Indiana residents but for those 65 and older and for those fully disabled and going onto Medicare, it is a subject worth learning about. The more you know the more you will save, remember that.

Medicare although boring to read about is an essential part of our society. The average American who works for 30+ years puts about $30,000-$50,000 in tax dollars into the Medicare system before it even takes effect for most. All of that money goes into Part A of Medicare, which allows visits to any hospital that accepts Medicare in the USA. This is considered your entitlement. Medicare Part A will cover 80% of your hospital bills after the Part A deductible is met.(Don’t worry most insurance plans that work with Medicare pay this for you)

Part B is reserved for the doctor bills that you acquire. Currently Part B is around $99.60 a month and most have it come right out of the social security check. Part B like Part A will cover you for 80% after the Part B deductible is met.

Who pays the deductibles and the 20% left behind in the doctors office and hospital?

You will without a Medicare Supplement aka Medigap Insurance Plan. List of Medicare Supplement Plans. Medicare Supplement Plan F is the only plan to date that pays all the 20% and the deductibles that come with Part A and Part B.

So, if a person buys Plan F from an insurance company the only thing they will pay not matter how much they use the coverage is the monthly premium. Companies like Forethought Insurance Company offer some of the most cost competitve rates for Medicare Supplements in Indiana.

There are other plans that Medicare has for insurance companies to offer the consumers of the United States so please call us @ 1 800 218 7935 to learn about all that is available to you in your state and zip code.

The Medigap Insurance aka Medicare Supplements do not cover Rx. There are around 30 Rx plans one can choose from. Using a qualified expert at Medicare Supplements Made Easy can make the Rx shopping easy and convenient. Call us today and see how much we can save you.

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