Updated on January 25, 2020

How a Medicare Supplement works in Alabama and throughout the nation

The Heart of Dixie, The Cotton State and The yellow Hammer State are all nicknames given to the great state of Alabama. No matter what you want to call it there are 4.8 million people who reside in this beautiful land many of which are retiring and going onto Medicare. Some might even be faced with a permanent disability and will be going on to the Medicare system for that reason. Medicare is changing every year and so are the plans that work with it. Out of the 67 counties in Alabama the Greater Birmingham area is with out a doubt the more populated of any area in the state. Whether you reside in Wintson, Walker , Blount , Bullock, Wilcox or any of the other 62 counties, it is important to know what your options are going on to the Medicare system.

Many people buy insurance termed "Medicare Supplementary Insurance" also known as "Medigap Insurance". this term refers to the way the insurance operates.

Lets walk through an example

Mary is turning 65 in the next month and is going on to Medicare Part A (Hospital) and Part B(Medical). This means that now "Medicare" is her primary insurance and if she "buys" a Medicare Supplement that will be her secondary. Simply put Medicare will pay the first part of her hospital and doctor bills and the supplement will pay the remaining portion. This is why if a person owns a Medicare Supplement they do not need prior approval from their medical providers. Medicare is the entity that files the claims to the insurance company. The doctor or hospital files the original claim to Medicare and after Medicare pays the provider of the service, then it will bill the individuals Medicare Supplementary Insurance provider. Remember, Medicare Supplements do not cover Rx so please be sure to shop the Rx plans through Medicare. A simple way to do this is by calling a Medicare Expert at 1 800 218 7935.

Currently Insurance companies such as United Health Care, Combined Insurance Co, Gerber life Insurance Co. and Mutual of Omaha are among some of the highest rated and most cost effective insurance institutions offering Medicare Supplement Plan F.

The best way to get fully educated is without a doubt speaking to a Medicare expert one on one and the quickest way to get a hold of one is by calling 1 800 218 7935. We here at Medicare Supplements Made Easy are standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week waiting to handle all of your Medicare insurance needs. Thank you for reading.

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