Updated on February 20, 2018

The High Cost of Medicare Supplements in Florida and what you can do to protect your wallet

Any one who is on Medicare who resides in Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County know first hand how expensive it can be to go on to Medicare and purchase a Medigap plan which are also referred to as Medicare Supplementary Insurance Plans. There are many factors that go into the pricing of a Medicare Supplement, some of them being fraud, the highest density of people turning 65 in the United States and the fact that medical expenses seem to keep rising, all play a part in the high cost of Medicare Supplements.

What can a person do to combat the high cost?

  • First and foremost call an Expert @ 1800 218 7935 who can explain ALL your options
  • We Work with all aspects of the business and can show you everything you have available to you in your zip code.
  • Second. Plan F is the most popular plan, but just starting out with Medicare at 65 can cost a non smoking female $237 a month with United American Insurance company. For a male the most affordable Plan F is with United Health Care at $243 month. (In conjunction with the 99.60 that is deducted out of most social security checks, that’s over $330 a month!)


  • Plans start around $85 a month and here is how it works.
  • Medicare covers you for 80% both in the hospital and at the doctors after your deductibles are met.
  • With High deductible Plan F you are responsible for the first $2000 before you are 100% covered.

The beauty of that is this: Even if you were to hit the $2000 deductible you would have not spent any more than you would if you bought a traditional Plan F. So long story short, the people who use their insurance to see their doctors anywhere from 2-10x a year will save BIG MONEY each year and if the worst case scenario where to happen after that person has spent the $2000 they are 100% covered, which just means they spent the same amount in that year as they would if they started paying the $234 and $243 prices right from the start.

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