Updated on February 20, 2018

A break down of Medicare in Arizona as well as the insurances that work with it

Did you know that Arizona has more mountain peaks than any other mountain state with a total of 3,928? That is more than Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming! Did you also know that located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Sells Arizona is the worlds largest solar telescope? These are just some of the many reasons that many choose to retire in this diverse and exciting state. For many retiring however, the subject of Medicare and the decisions one must make with their Medicare in terms of the insurance options can be down right frustrating,confusing and overwhelming.

We here at Medicare Supplements Made Easy, speak with people all over the country every day, helping consumers understand the differences between the varieties of insurances as well as the different costs one is subjected to within different insurances.

First, one must understand some basics when it comes to Medicare, before you go can learn about all the different kinds of insurances that can work with with it.

Medicare is comprised of 4 main parts.

  • Part A, allows a Medicare beneficiary to see any hospital in the United States that accepts payment from Medicare. At least 99% of them accept Medicare including the most prestigious, such as the Mayo Clinic, Shands, Cleveland Clinic and the University of Miami just to name a few. Part A for most is allotted to those the month they turn 65. Since most people have paid more than their fare share in taxes into Medicare Part A, most do not pay for it when it becomes active when they turn 65.

  • Part B will allow a person to see any doctor that accepts Medicare in the United States, without referral and currently 99% of them accept Medicare payment. Part B is not given to you like Part A is when you turn 65, or if your employer coverage is ended at 65 or older and you must join Part B of Medicare. For most, Part B costs $99.60 a month to be apart of and for most it is taken right out of their social security check. If not, it is billed to the Medicare beneficiary on a quarterly basis. If people make more than an certain amount of money Part B can cost over $300 a month for some.

  • Part C is reserved for the privately designed contracts that insurance companies such as Humana, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and United Health Care have designed. These contracts by law must cover every expense Medicare covers and must not cap coverage because Medicare is un capped in its coverage. These contracts usually 9 times out of 10 take the form of an HMO( referrals required to see doctors of choice) or PPO( no referrals required to see doctors of choice that accept Medicare) These plans generally cover hospital, doctor and Rx benefits making them a sort of “all in one” style of insurance. What these plans are comprised of is a structure of co payments and coinsurances a person must adhere to based on the service provided. There are “ceilings aka maximum out of pockets on the co pays and co insurances to limit ones liability each year to medical expenses. These plans all have networks so one has to be very careful before signing their Medicare benefits away to a private insurance company.

  • Part D of Medicare is reserved strictly for Rx protection. Usually those who have Medicare Advantage Plans already have this coverage included. Those who buy Medicare Supplements do not and must elect one of these plans if they want coverage for Rx.

Calling an expert at Medicare Supplements Made Easy is a simple way to get a list of all your options, whether you want a Medicare Supplement or a Part C Medicare Advantage Plan, we can show you the in and outs of the systems, so you are completely familiar with all of your options in Arizona.

A Medicare Supplement aka Medigap Insurance Plan works with your traditional Part A and Part B, keeping Medicare as your primary insurance company. This means that after Medicare pays it then bills your insurance company directly to pay the difference. Currently to date Medicare Supplement Plan F is the only plan that will pay 100% of the Medicare approved expenses left behind by traditional Medicare, making it the most popular of all Medicare Supplements.

Companies such as Mutual of Omaha, Forethought, Sentinel, and Gerber Life are some of the most trusted and affordable providers of Plan F in Arizona to date. Age, zip code/county, gender and smoker or non smoker status will all play a part in your rates. Do your self and your wallet a favor and call a Medicare expert at 1 800 218 7935 to see which company will save you the most money on your Plan F in Arizona.

Here are many other plans and options available other than Plan F such as Plan G and Plan N. These are lower costing Medicare Supplements that don’t cover everything that F does, but they do save the certain kind of persons good amounts of monies each year, so don’t for get to ask about those plans a well when you call. Click on the highlighted words, Medicare Supplement Plans, to see a list of all the Medigap Insurances compared side by side.

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